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Welcome to 99webz.

More websites for a wider audience.

Looking for a website for you, your business or your future project? Then 99webz is just what you are looking for. Offering a vast array of sites for different areas, each individual site is tailor made and designed to your exact requirements. If you have no idea of what you need, then just let us know what you would like to see on your new site and leave the rest to us. Simple.


Websites created by us

Take a look at some of our work that we have performed for our clients. Websites from £99 upwards.


Search Engine Optimisation

What we can do for your site and its presence on the world wide web. Some sites need that extra punch.

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Baskets for websites

Looking at selling items through your website? Personal developed databases for such sites.

 News for July 15

Responding to major demand.

Owing to a massive response to 99websites to accomodate larger websites, we have evolved over the last month to accept website requests that use databases and allow online payments. 99websites was never intended to be in that area as it was born out of the need for quick, small websites for those initial ideas to start a business. As it turns out, after a year of collecting feedback from clients and potential clients it seems that this is the most requested option. So from April 2012, we now provide a vast range of websites suitable for all budget.

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